22 August 2011

Queen's Meme #91 - A Questionable Activity

The doyen of Castle Bloggingham roused me out of my ongoing inactivity long enough to answer a few questions.  Should you feel like participating, you can join in at The Queen's Meme.

If you could ask one question of the following … what would your question be?

1.     Your IPOD - Is it really necessary to make me cry?  Just cause I loaded in songs that remind me of emotional stuff is no reason to play them so often.

2.     Casey Anthony - Were you born a sociopath or did your mother create one?

3.     Your ex’s last ex - I take it you couldn't get him to talk either?

4.     Your Pet - Is it really necessary to lick my nose at 4:00 AM?

5.     John Lennon - What were the lyrics to the song you didn't finish?

6.     Your great-grandmother on your father’s side - Jane, how did you do it?  Husband killed in a horrific train accident and you left with ten children to raise.  You must have been an amazing woman.

7.     Your mirror - Couldn't you lie every once in a while?

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