25 August 2011

5 On Friday - Defying Gravity

Another Friday rolls around and It's time to check in with Trav at Trav's Thoughts to sign in and share your music choices.

This week I'm in a mood to get my feet off the ground. I'm reading the Wicked trilogy and have finished Wicked, Son of A Witch, and starting A Lion among men. Sometimes you just have to root for the witch!!!

And finally the amazing Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth "DEFYING GRAVITY" in Wicked.

You need to click on it as more than 3 million people already have because Everyone Deserves A Chance to Fly!!!


Travis Cody said...

I hope you're enjoying something similar to that beach you have in your header!

I read the first of those Wicked books and did not like it. I prefer the fantasy of the movie The Wizard of Oz, and the distinction it made for a child to understand how to stand up to your fear and overcome it.

So I have avoided any of the other books and the musical as well to preserve the wonderful memories I have of how the movie impacted my childhood.

Really enjoyed the flying tunes!

Linda said...

And here I thought you were playing flying tunes today in honor of those of us on the East Coast who are going to be facing some pretty fierce winds this weekend!

I've yet to see/read anything from Wicked but that doesn't surprise me as I seem to fail to see/read anything anymore! I did note that you have a banner for "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" on your sidebar, though, and I've seen that several times!

Mike Golch said...

cool tunes, it's been a while since i heard Danger Zone.