02 August 2011

Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself

Her majesty, Queen Mimi, safely ensconced in Bloggingham castle is in a mood to increase the vocabulary of her subjects.  Therefor she is administering the following quiz as part of the Queen's Meme #88.  Here are my answers.  Should you choose to give it a try, you can visit royalty over at The Queen's Meme.

Mysophobia - Fear of Agatha Christie novels.

Ailurophobia - Being scared of comparisons to size 3 runway models.

Technophobia - Condition caused by confrontation with Geek Squad personnel.

Novercaphobia - Abject terror produced by sound of Dentist drill even if numbed from forehead to toes.

Dipsophobia - Inability to dine on anything glutinous mass made with sour cream.

Gymnophobia - Irrational panic caused by sight of exercise equipment.

Hippophobia - Terror produced by setting foot on Disneyland Jungle Cruise ride.

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia - Night terror caused by dream of seven foot hippo seen on Jungle Cruise ride.

Lachanophobia - Fear of Loch Ness Monster that looks like seven foot hippopotomus

Uranophobia - Screaming anguish produced by ideas that appeared from politicians' rear ends.

Levophobia - Panic that occurs when you float upward after gravity quits.

Royaldungeophobia - Fear of the dank recesses of Bloggingham -


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Super pictures...you might be quite near with some of them!

Billie Greenwood said...

Wow, that was so creative. Well done! Thanks for the smiles.

lime said...

your definitions for uranophobia get MY vote! well done! just a pity it's so true. love the pic for that one too. lol

Mimi Lenox said...

You should be afraid of Royalduneophobia. Be very afraid! lol

The politicians answer was the best!!

Thanks for playing.

Cassy said...

Sexy models. I want to be one of them. Hahaha! Maybe in my dreams.

Cassy from Guitar Lesson DVD