31 August 2012

Todays 5 On Friday

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26 August 2012

What Every Man Need To Know

" Sometimes the things that may or may not be true are the things a man needs to believe in the most. That people are basically good. That honour, courage and virtue mean everything ; that power and money ... money and power mean nothing. That good always triumphs over evil. And I want you to remember this.... that love....true love never dies ! Remember that boy ... remember that. Doesn't matter if it is true or not, a man should believe in those things , because those are the things worth believing in...... got that ? "

Hub McCann (Robert Duvall) - Second Hand Lions

My favorite scene from one of my favorite movies.

25 August 2012

50th Anniversary

If two people had been crazy enough to go on making each other unhappy, this would have been my 50th wedding anniversary.  As it is we both went on to better lives.  It may not have ended well, but he was and is a good man.  I remember the good times fondly and always wish him well, particularly now.

Oh and I still have soft spot for gentlemen with guitars who know the lyrics to this song.

24 August 2012

5 On Friday - Chicago Tribute

5 On Friday is the meme invented by our friend Travis of Trav's Thoughts. To join in, visit his blog to sign in and choose your five musical selections for the week to share with others. 

This week, I'm heading for the midwest and a city that seems to be almost as unending a source of inspiration for songwriters as New York.

Chicago - Crosby, Stills, and Nash open the set with a song about another political convention.

The Night Chicago Died - Paper Lace

Chicago, Illinois - Lesley Ann Warren

Chicago, That Toddlin' Town - Frank Sinatra

Chicago Wind - Merle Haggard

17 August 2012

5 On Friday - Beneath The Southern Cross

Our friend Travis of Trav's Thoughts invented the Five on Friday meme. To participate, sign in on his site and then share your musical selections for the week

For this week's Five On Friday I'm heading below the equator for a taste of all things Australian with 5 stars from its flag and music.  Just for the record, I liked the image above because it was in the shape of the country, but the actual flag has six stars - 5 making up the Southern Cross and then the seven pointed Commonwealth Star in honor of the 1901 Federation of the States and Territories of Australia.

A classic surfing movie Morning of the Earth and a thoughtful theme song

Can't do a set like this without the genius of Tommy Emmanuel on guitar.

The Amazing Peter Allen with his tribute to the land of his birth

Slim Dusty with a country song very very Southern style

Redgum and a poignant story song

12 August 2012

What Do Women REALLY want?

The above image came around on Facebook and I immediately "liked" and "shared".  It hit so hard that I was ready to go out hunting for any one of the six.  You will notice that all of these men are of interesting looks but none of them, with maybe the exception of  Tennant #10, are classically handsome and even with him it is a sort of dorky sweetness.    If you are a man and don't know who Tennant is - hie thee immediately to BBC for everything from Doctor Who to Hamlet.  Come to think of it, if you are a male of the species ... Hie thee immediately to BBC for lessons if you ever want to get laid regularly again in your natural life because this is what women want.  We are so desperate, we will even settle for any combination of two qualities of six ... take your pick.

Brilliant + Patient or Loyal or Passionate or Adventurous or Kooky

Patient + Loyal or Passionate or Adventurous or Kooky

Loyal + Passionate or Adventurous or Kooky

Passionate + Adventurous or Kooky

Adventurous + Kooky

Now women are hardly immune to the attraction of an Adonis as circulation of another recent picture of the Australian Swim Team proves beyond doubt.  There were definitely a lot of longing gazes aimed in that direction.

Don't let this window shopping upset you.  Every single one these guys would be rejected and or dumped after a first date unless he possessed at least two of the attributes of the men of the BBC.  As long as you take reasonable care of yourself and aren't a total slob, it is the internal not the external that always wins fair maiden, matron, grandmother or crone - we are eternally optimistic!!!

Now to zero in on the essential truth.  What you are is important, very important but even more essential is how you make us feel about ourselves.  You see, we want to be a "Companion".  We want Doctor Who to show up in his little blue box, Sherlock to involve us in an adventure, or Rory to finally walk us down the aisle.  We want to be the lover, partner, confidant and most of all friend - a necessary part of your life.   Make a woman feel as if you would be less if she weren't around and she will do darn near anything and go anywhere just to make sure that feeling doesn't end.  So lets hear your requirements gentlemen - just name them.  

In the meantime, do study the men of the BBC and just to give American TV a chance you could throw in a little of the danger of Harvey Specter from Suits, the charm of Neil Caffrey from White Collar, or the intensity of Hank Lawson of Royal Pains because that's all good too.

10 August 2012

5 On Friday - Farewell Marvin

June 2, 1944 – August 6, 2012

Our friend Travis of Trav's Thoughts invented the Five on Friday meme. To participate, sign in on his site and then share your musical selections for the week
This week brought the news that we had lost one of our great Broadway and movie composers with the death of Marvin Hamlisch.  This week's 5 are dedicated to this great talent.

While not his greatest hit, They're Playing Our Song meant one of the best theater nights of my life if only for those Arnaz legs coming across the banquet to the uproar from the audience.

Redford and Newman with a little larceny for The Sting

Redford rich and beautiful - Streisand not quite as rich or beautiful - One great song for The Way Were

Even Baryshnikov had to dance to "ONE"

And from again from Chorus Line in both the balcony and mezzanine a little T & A - "Dance 10 Looks 3"

03 August 2012

5 On Friday - Never Say Never

Our friend Travis of Trav's Thoughts invented the Five on Friday meme. To participate, sign in on his site and then share your musical selections for the week.

On this day in history in 1977, The Spy Who Loved Me, premiered. That's all the excuse I need for the James Bond themes:

First the movie's song sung by the wonderful Carly Simon: Nobody Does It Better

My favorite for the lyrics if not the voice of Nancy Sinatra: You Only Live Twice

Paul McCartney was in a band before Wings, but here it is Wings with: Live And Let Die

Probably the theme that let us know Bond girls and Bond music would always be special. Shirley Bassey singing Goldfinger

And you can never listen to just one song by Dame Shirley: Diamonds Are Forever