15 June 2006

A Bottle of Scotch

This was one of my favorite stops: The Glengoyne Distillery. Any place that gives you a free shot of 30 year old pure gold should have a shrine at the front.

I brought home a bottle intending to nurse it slowly. It lasted a week which necessitated doing some more shopping once back in the states. Do your self a big favor and stop by



Anonymous said...

Jamie, these photos are great! There's nothing better than sipping good Scotch and nothing worse than smelling cheap Scotch!

Durward Discussion said...

Glengoyne single malt is pure perfume. You don't know whether to drink, bathe, or drown it it.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Jamie. The bottle of Scotch only lasted a week... it musta got real good to ya!

Our family is of Scots-Irish descent, I would love to visit there.

eProf2 said...

All I can say is to repeat Mad: Great pictures Jamie. Why don't we have a CL meeting in Scotland? After Las Vegas of course!

Durward Discussion said...

Sounds great to me. Unlike Vegas, they give group rates.

Of course with the current exchange rate, we would all be in the poor house by the time we returned. That was one of the biggest shocks I got while traveling there. The Brits were all heading for Disneyworld while I was in a state of shock over dinner.