15 June 2006

Trip of a Lifetime

You dropped by for a visit, so now you get to look at the scrap books. The easiest way to get to Bute is via the ferry though there is both rail and bus service. Of course if you have your own boat, just head for the harbor at Rothesay. The Victorian mansions overlooking the shore were originally the residences of wealthy 19th century merchants. Sorry, those pictures didn't turn out so you have to settle for one from the internet. If you want to kick back and just enjoy the lovely town, do so, but the walking, horseback and biking trails are not to be missed. In addition, Bute is a "Site of Special Scientific Interest" with rare species of animals and birds as well as the colonies of seals at play on Scalpsie Bay. All this makes Bute a nature lovers' paradise.

Rothesay Harbor

Once there, drop in to a little place named Mount Stuart. The Marquess of Bute and his family live on the top floor when in town, but the public has full access to the grounds and bottom two floors. Don't forget to buy some mead before leaving.

More later.

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