15 June 2006

More, More, More

On the midle left is the view of Loch Fyne from the home where I stayed in Clynder. On the right, the home I will try to buy when I win the lottery. You can't tell from the picture, but through that gate on the right is over an acre of gardens. This used to be the chapel in Clyder, but has since been converted to a private home with a store on the front (the wall on the left).

On the far left is Edingburgh apartment buildings. They cluster around a treed courtyard. In a city of stone, virtually every living area has access to greenery. Through the arch is the main street of the city. The public including hoards of tourists pass through daily, but it is the cleanest city I have every seen. On the far right is a view of the Edinburgh business skyline taken from the road into town.

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