16 June 2006

New Lanark World Heritage Site

Take the time to visit the web site for New Lanark. There is a 360 degree player from the center of the town well worth viewing. New Lanark The cotton mills were powered by the falls of the great river Clyde visible in the top left photo. The tour photos are a bit dark, but are of Robert Owen quotes and a working loom. At various places throughout the site are "statues" of the workers, management, and their families. I'm the slightly less wooden one.

Robert Owen had a vision of being a success while helping his workers. There was child care, medical care, schools, and decent housing for everyone. Even at that the working conditions from almost 200 years ago sound brutal to us today. He eventually brought his ideas to Harmony in the U.S., but unlike New Lanark, this was a failure.

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