16 June 2006

Flora and Fauna

The Birds of Prey exhibit is where I got to hold the owl. The gentleman who runs it saves birds that have been injured in the wild and cannot return. He supports this activity by exhibiting the birds and instructing the public at a shopping center in Argyle.

This is Hamish. He is a bull like none you have ever met. He comes when called, loves the shoppers who visit the center near where he lives and will eat out of your hand. There is only one warning sign on the fence he could easily walk through but never does. "Do not touch my horns. I don't like it."

Hamish will allow you to pet his nose and stroke his side, but if you touch his horn, he will toss his head. He's not mean, but with a rack like this, having him toss it in your direction could be hazardous to your health.


Bear said...

Thanks for the kind words. This is my first trip here. I really like what you've done with the place!

Jamie said...

Stop by any time. My subjects wander all over the place so you never know what you will find.

Colleen said...

Hey, Jamie, me thinks you are charmed by owls! I LOVE their little faces, and their eyes are so alert. Here's another one for you. I think he works at the White House (I can tell by the smirk on his face.)

Tony Snow Owl

Jamie said...

Thank you for Tony. He is now if my collection. The Snow Owls are my favorite particularly in summer when they have their black bars like my little avatar. The barn owls run close second. They have a beautiful one here in Tacoma at Northwest Trek that I visited this past weekend.

The Great Horned are magnificent, but I haven't forgiven the last one for taking a kitten many years ago.

Trial.Lawyer.Richard said...

Jamie: I love owls. My Wife used to work for the Wild Bird Care Center and we saw hundreds of cute and needy owls there. We have little burrowing owls near my home here in Palm Beach County. They stand next to their little holes and guard their territory like soldiers. We also have large Barn Owls that swoop from the trees.

Don't they look a lot wiser than George W. Bush?


roselle said...

Hi Rich,

who or what doesn't look wiser than GW Bush?

crpitt said...

I love Highland Cows!
just thought i would leave a comment to show that i have been reading your older posts!