26 December 2008

Day After The Day Before

I completely forgot it was Friday. Christmas was virtually non existant since the grandsons got shipped off to the son's exwife until New Years when we will do a combo Christmas/Hogmanay present presentation.

Since this is only about good things, then it is good that the snow is melting so I can get out of my driveway. I really like being able to leave home, something that has not been possible for several days. Theoretically we are to get more snow this evening and then three days of rain. Now that stir crazy has been relieved by a really nice lunch out and two margaritas, I can look forward to a warm fire and a good book. Worrying about today's doctor visit can wait until next week.

Chris and David did the annual Santa Train and now David and Anthony have now been shipped through all the weather to land safely in Pennsylvania.


carol g said...

I am glad that your g'sons got to the right coast safely. Where in PA are they visiting? It was pretty quiet here also.

Linda said...

There is nothing worse than being stuck in the house when you don't want to be stuck in the house! Bad weather will do that quicker than you go say Bob's your uncle, though!

Hope you guys catch a break out that way and whatever that doctor's appointment is you're worrying about, I hope everything turns out okay there, too.

Anonymous said...

Big hugs. Hope you get good news at the doc and it washes your worries away.

Glad to hear everyone arrived safely!

Travis Cody said...

We took care of stir crazy on Saturday. And now I can see blue sky!

I'm so ready to go back to the office and get things normal again.