12 December 2008

Only The Good Friday

Shelly over at This Eclectic Life has started a weekly feature named "Only The Good". It is a very simple project. One day a week write about good things. I've mentioned the wonky back which is not a good thing, but it did give me a chance to just watch the family felines. If you need a good giggle then the source is catapulting kittens who after careening from object to wall to floor to chair to bed to dryer to table suddenly come to full skidding, collapsed stop in instant sleep curled up around each other as if they were conjoined twins.

Go ahead. Try to be in a bad mood. I dare you. Plus, I get to use their baby picture again.

Then there is Shelly's latest project to drum up comments for her blog by promising to deliver a can of food to her local food bank for everyone who stops long enough to make a remark. This is worth emulating and my local food bank could use some cans. So speak up and I'll match it with a can of food to my local distribution center.

We all have our favorite blogs to visit on a daily basis if possible. I've found most of mine by playing Manic Monday created by the marvelous Mo. Even if you don't regularly do memes, this one has some of the nicest and brightest bloggers on the planet writing intriguing things with only a one word prompt.

This is the season for traditions of food, family and events. Once more there will be a tree decorated, not inside but planted and growing out in the world. The Arbor Day Foundation operated year round to replenish the trees necessary to clean the air you breath. Take the time to visit their site to see all the possible ways you can help your school, community, state, country and world.


Linda said...

What a great idea - I shall have to go by Shelly's and leave a comment so she can leave a can!

As for kittens, you're right - who can not look at their antics and immediately feel better even with a wonky back in place?

Marcia said...

I love the idea of decorating a tree outdoors. Not only is it "green", it brightens up the neighborhoods. I am doing cans for comments, as well. Isn't it a great thing!

Jamie said...

Shelly may have finally found how to get people to comment: Bribe them with good deeds.

This Eclectic Life said...

Now, Jamie...Shelly didn't think this up, but she would love to take credit :-)

Thank you for joining in only the good. I wish I had kittens to make me smile. Mine all grew up and are grumpy.

Hope your day is filled with good, and I hope your back is getting better!

Thank you for all you do!

carol g said...

Hooooooray for ONLY the good!! Hope the wonky back is getting back into the GOOD (or at least better). I love those kittens! And about that Scrabble thing... not even close to being the evil twin... :o)

Thorne said...

All good stuff! Mine's more personal today. I'm glad you've joined OtGF!

Mo said...

What cute little kitties!! (I've linked to your post here, hope you don't mind!)

Hope your weekend is filled with Only the Good!

Travis said...

Those kitties sure know how to to it. Go 1000mph for as long as you can and then crash for a good nap.