30 July 2009

Five Happy Things

A lovely blogger, Hey Harriet has put up and "up for grabs" meme. It is very simple. Just list five things that make you happy in any way that pleases you.

If it makes you happy, go visit Harriet to say hello, and then if you feel like it, think of five happy things. Here are mine.

1. Time To Read

2. A pool for swimming preferably nude.

3. A Chalet at Bass Lake


4. Friends

5. Family


Anonymous said...

Great list! We share some of the same items!


carol g said...

My list would be VERY similar.

keyboard.jockey said...

I love Art my eyes are always hungry for something beautiful and intense to look at :) I have a memory from childhood at my Aunt Ella's who lived in Target Range that's incorporated out of Missoula...anyway it is one of those vivid toddler memories it must have been the intense color used. I was looking in a magazine sitting on a couch out side of her kitchen. The picture was so simplistic it was an Indian wrapped in a an Indian Blanket and all that surrounded the Indian was lush green grass it sounds like it is something real simple but if you saw the photo of the painting I can't explain in words what the artist expressed. I carry that memory fragment around with me to this day. They say it is smell that makes people remember very old memories with me I think it is sight.