26 July 2009

Manic Monday - Final

I sincerely wish that Mo had not decided to end Manic Monday rather than hand it off to assistants, but it was his creation and his decision. Therefore, lets end on beauty with a lovely song about when the time finally comes to let go and say goodbye to something wonderful.


Travis said...

I'm kind of glad Mo decided to end it on his terms. I've enjoyed all the different creative posts.

This Eclectic Life said...

Running a gig like this must have been difficult. But he sure gave a lot of people inspiration for posts for a very long time!

Linda said...

What a beautiful note to end on.

I can understand Mo's reasoning considering I haven't even been able to consistently write posts for a weekly meme - never mind run the durned thing! These things seem to sometimes take on a life of their own - much like Frankenstein's monster!