28 July 2009

Take This Tune

As many of you know, Manic Monday has come to an end. This was a wonderful weekly meme and our buddy Mo of It's A Blog Eat Blog World was a gracious and generous host. I am going to start a meme to act as a writing prompt to fill the void of something so many of us enjoyed.

The idea is simple. I will post a video and the lyrics that go with it. Take the title or any part of the lyrics to tell a story. There are no limits, just go with wherever the idea takes you. Are you reminded of a first love, did your child say something adorable (If your name is Janna do you create something completely wacky and hilarious?).

These prompts will be posted each Friday at Take This Tune for you to post the following Monday. I will then attempt to make the rounds to visit everyone who decides to play. There is a Mr Linky already set up for those who like to gather the blogsites of people participating (Example below)

Please sign up so I can get an idea of who might be interested in participating.

1 comment:

Travis said...

I like this idea. And your graphic looks great!