11 July 2009

Manic Monday - Fountain

Anyone looking for me on Sunday, can find me at Emerald Downs racetrack watching horsies run around in circles and hoping the one I like gets to the line first. In the meantime, enjoy lots and lots of information about both the old and new (by Roman standards) Trevi Fountain.

And the Oscar winning song from the 1954 movie


Thorne said...

Oh, indeed!~ This is so great to see. I was just making a little post about Memory Lane over at my mini blog, Emerald Glasses, and thought to myself, "Jaime is always good for a memory" and here I'm awash in my Solo European Adventure of 85! Thanks for this delicious nostalgia!

Ivanhoe said...

The minute I saw your first pic in my reader, I knew. I'll see her for real in 79 days. Yay!
BTW: Frank is not bad either ;o)

Travis said...

Hmmmm...Italy is not on my list of places to see. Perhaps it should be.

maryt/theteach said...

Jamie, great minds...:)