13 October 2009


In case you are feeling at all elderly and decrepit for any reason, take heart!!! At least you didn't receive the email below in your mail:

Our 50th Reunion is right around the corner!
It's that time again, time to start planning our BIGGEST REUNION YET!

After the last reunion (the picnic at Doheny State Park), many of you wrote to me and mentioned that you thought it was the best reunion yet! So before I start planning this reunion, I thought I would take a survey where the majority of responses would determine what type of reunion we will have - Picnic or Dinner Dance - or both! Since this will be our 50th, and rather a special occasion, perhaps a big, 2-day event would be nice, but I'll leave it up to all of you. If we do a 2-day, picnic and dinner dance, you would have the opportunity to come to both or just one or the other.

I am also planning to incorporate another cruise, possibly right before the reunion, depending on the departure and return date. This time it would be the roundtrip from Los Angeles to Hawaii, a 14-day cruise. Some who are interested in cruising have voiced their opinion that they do not want to fly to a destination for a cruise. So I thought Hawaii would be nice. From just a brief investigation of fares, I've come up with approximately $1500 to $2000 per person, depending on the cabin type you choose. Please indicate your interest below. Although many have been to Hawaii already, it would still be a nice cruise, and more time to spend with friends! Previous cruises have been wonderful and all who have participated, I'm sure, will tell you the same thing. Don't miss this one!!
I haven't been to a reunion since the 20th in 1981.  Going back 30 years later feels very, very weird.  I mean if you manage to live to your 50th, you probably should do it, right?  Now do I really want those folks who last saw me at either 17 or 37 get a gander of me at 67?  The shock could be fatal.  Oh well, 2011 is still more than a year away and there is plenty of time to make the decision ... time goes so slow these days.  Right? To Diet or not to diet?

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Linda said...

On a good note, just remember that everyone else who is going to be there as aged as much as you have and probably won't have the great tales to tell that you do. If you think there's going to be anyone there that you want to see again after all this time I say go for it but if not, don't give it another thought. I've been to only one of my reunions years ago but I guess if I was still around when my 50th comes up, I'd consider going.

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This Eclectic Life said...

I figure it this way: anybody with whom I wanted to know from High School ... I still do. For me, High School was painful, and I don't want to think about it. Unless it were being held somewhere really cool ... and I knew I looked better than all those other old broads, I'd skip it. That's just me, though.

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Travis said...

Oh...2011 will be my 30th!

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