14 October 2009

Blood On The Sand

Allan Chapman and The Original Backup Band

By now, you all know I'm addicted to history.  When you can combine history with a great ballad ... well, draw the blinds, lock the doors, turn off the TV and phone cause I'm doing me some listening and hunting.  Because a internet friend recommended the above song, I have some work cut out for me.  We know about Pancho Villa or at least have seen some good movies and books about him, but how about a lone visitor named Thomas Holmes to a group of graves?  What is the story there?

The short story is contained here in Wikipedia, though I would recommend the whole saga of the Mexican campaign under Black Jack Pershing who would go on to even greater fame in World War I with tales that echo down the well of history to modern conflicts still happening today.  You can follow along in the wake of a new obsession, or just listen to a great song.  In the meantime, flowers for 17 men.

Murry Anderson
Andy Couch
Bob Coy
Joe Enders
Tim Evans
Alex Hall
Henry Hase
Tom Johnson
Bob McHatton
George Newman
Bill Pease
Charles Pringle
Ed Robinson
Robert Simmons
Chuck Wadleigh
Jed Wallace
Charlie Watson


dooty said...

Allan has researched that event pretty heavily so I would trust his song. All Wiki says is that there is a controversy over how Pancho Villa died.

Jamie said...

Dooty, I've added the link to Allan's webpage above, but here it is for commenters. He needs Paypal, but I'm ordering through the email. It is worth it. http://allanchapman.net/

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