09 October 2009

A Little Something On The Side

While wandering around some favorite blogs, I'm always sort of nosey about what they have chosen to picture, link and advertise as constant features.  There are causes, charities, favored blogs, usually something from Google or Amazon, but it is very individual. 

Queen Mimi over at Mimi Writes has Bloggingham Castle and her grand piano, not to mention all those lovely Peace Globes floating around getting ready for November 5.  Don't get left out, be sure to get your own globe for the big day.

Now Travis over at Trav's Thoughts keeps it simple.  His sidebar is filled with everything he supports and loves:  Charities, his sports teams, dancing, and the blogs of all the friends this delightful man has made over the years.  If you start getting aquainted with all his friends, you may need a few clones to get it all done.

Mary at Work of the Poet is a true computer artist and teacher.  You never know what will show up as the seasons change.  There are always some wonderful quotes and links to memes you may want to play.  

A life in Doodles drawn by Claire on A Little Piece of Me always ease even the most serious topics.  Her banner is a great pair of legs and a puzzle piece which is very appropriate for someone trying to help others understand life and having a good time doing it.  She has discovered Twitter and Twitpics as well, so prowl around.

Shelly at This Eclectic Life has perfectly manicured hands tip tapping away on a computer.  The articles are surrounded by quotes, favorite blogs, charities and there's always a little something about Texas.  What do you mean there are 49 other states?

Linda at Are We There Yet has Amanda and Amanda can really draw.  They both love Doctor Who, so we get treated to the TARDIS flying through time and space.  Armed with her trusty camera, Linda with Amanda, Jamie, and assorted friends in tow seem to have a mission to photograph every historical and spooky spot on the east coast, so be prepared for the the grisly evidence mixed in with the causes and companions.

So pay attention to the sidelines as you traverse the blogosphere.  It might tell you a little more about the person than just their "About Me" bio.


Linda said...

What a great post as it points out some things that even those of us who visit blogs regularly might tend to miss! You've got a pretty impressive sidebar here yourself and I've always loved the Hieland Coo!
Amanda and I will be flying off in our own version of a Tardis (even though the car is maroon and not blue!) very early tomorrow morning in search of dead authors, live illustrators, and maybe even a ghost or two wandering the Gettysburg battlefields. I'll be sure to bring back lots to share!

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This Eclectic Life said...

It IS interesting to see what people choose to highlight, isn't it? I love your George Carlin quote, and Imona have to check out these "flashlight worthy books" I see on your sidebar... swatahmonado (sorry for the "imona" and "swatahmonado" ---I've been rehearsing stories and it makes me type all Texan).

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maryt said...

Jamie, you are such a thoughtful person - always thinking and commenting about the wonderful things (pardon my self-centeredness) in the blogosphere. We are so lucky to have you saying such nice things!! Watch my blog for return compliments! :)

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Travis said...

Well thank you my dear! Sometimes a blog is way more than just the words or pictures in the posts.

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