30 July 2010

5 On Friday - It's A Grand Piano, Baby

5 On Friday is the wonderful meme dreamed up by Travis of Trav's Thoughts. The rules are simple. Select five songs and either put them on a juke box or link to You Tube etc. Then sign the Linky on his site so that others can hear what you have chosen and you can visit them. Full directions are available at Trav's Thoughts.

Billy Joel and Ray Charles - Baby Grand

I've used this one before, but I just love, love, love this song simply because it is the way I feel whenever I hear a piano played..

Vladmir Horowitz Moscow 1986 - Schumann's Traumerei.

This was particular affecting since this piece plays constantly in the monument to honor the Russian war dead from WW II. Several people in the audience tear up with memories and even Horowitz seems shaken at the end.

Harpo and Chico Marx - Mama Yo Quiero

Now go expose a youngster to the genius of the Marx Brothers

Grant Johanneson - Claire de Lune by Debussy

This was my mother's favorite piece of music and I can't hear it without seeing her.

And lest you think only men know their way around this wonderful instrument:

Jung Lin - Hungarian Rhapsody #2 by Franz Liszt

There are so many ways to play a piano that this list could have gone on forever as I haven't included several different genres and pianists.  What are your favorite performers and pieces?  I couldn't leave without something by the great Duke Ellingon, so this becomes 6 on Friday.

Duke Ellington - Take The A Train


Travis Cody said...

I love all kinds of piano music and I really enjoyed each of your selections today. I've never really been much of a Marx Brothers fan, but every time I catch an old clip I marvel at the genius of their overall talent.

Oh! Some names came to mind while I was typing my comment...Roger Williams and Victor Borge. I'm going to assume you also know of the Brown Quintet of piano playing siblings.

Jamie said...

I actually deleted a Victor Borge clip in order to get the lady in the mix and yes I know the Brown Quintet.

maryt/theteach said...

Jamie, I think your previous post into'd me to Baby Grand. I love it and put it on my ipod. Thank you, thank you!

JohnH985 said...

I love, love, love the Billy Joel/Ray Charles song. It's one of my favorites. Love your other choices too.