17 July 2010

Welcome To Mystery

Today will be a race track day watching horses make left turns.  How I will do is anybody's guess so I'm in a mood for mystery so you get the Plain White T's, Cirque du Solleil and Alice in Wonderland with "Welcome To Mystery".


Linda said...

Good luck on the ponies - I think that's a lot more entertaining than watching cars turn left.

I'd never heard this Plain White T's song - I really like it. However, watching people contort like the folks in Cirque du Soleil always makes my back hurt for some reason. I've noticed it does that whenever I see anyone move in a way that's not natural! Must be one of the joys of growing old.

Travis Cody said...

Those things they do on Cirque de Soleil take such incredible strength, but the way they perform makes them seem effortless. You rarely see the stress on the muscles reflected in any performer's face.

Truly amazing.