08 October 2010

Lennon Google

Google did something amazing today with their iconic logo used to celebrate one of the greatest Icons of the century, John Lennon. Below is the singing logo and the 70th birthday greeting from Yoko Ono.

As you know, the annual Blogblast for Peace will be on November 4.  If you have a blog, please join us in declaring the realization that all people want to live in peace.   All you have to do is IMAGINE and a simple phrase with simple words can have power when thousands, millions, or billions giventhem a voice:  Dona Nobis Pacem.


Mike Golch said...

thanks for sharing this one.

Travis Cody said...

That Google logo is terrific.

Peace is the way.

Mimi Lenox said...

I loved what they did and as you know...all the peace links were tied in everywhere across the internet. It was an exciting day for peace lovers everywhere. Happy birthday (again) John Lennon.