09 September 2011

5 On Friday - A Little Theme Music

Friday comes around again, so it is time to join in with the folks who visit Trav each week at Trav's Thoughts for another round of great music. The more the merrier so go forth and share. Well before the "official" premiere in Atlanta, audiences are treated to surprise preview of Gone with the Wind on this date in 1939. Audiences at the Fox Theater in Riverside, California had a surprise showing which the manager showed as a "sneak peek" second feature so that producer David O. Selznick could observe the audience reaction. The movie was not officially released until a few months later. The other day I put up one of my favorite movie themes, "Two For The Road" and I've done some others over time such as "The Last Time I Felt Like This from "Same Time Next Year". For this 5 on Friday a few more songs to remember from the movies kicking off with Tara's Theme:
Things had certainly changed by the 60s and it was a Hard Day's Night
Did anyone ever make a walk look as good as Travolta in Saturday Night Fever
Then along came the skinny guy in the funny suit and some strange name changes: Prince in Purple Rain
And I'll close off this run of movie songs with the very hopeful, "Let All The Rivers Run" from Working Girl. The towers are still standing if only in memory.


Mike Golch said...

Now that was fun to listen to.

Travis Cody said...

You'll always get my attention with something from Carly Simon. I've never seen that movie, but I love the song.

Linda said...

Excellent choices for theme music! Of course now I'll have a combination of Purple Rain/Hard Day's Night going through my head but that's quite alright!