06 September 2011

Happy Birthday Freddie

Google did a tribute to Freddie Mercury with this video. Freddie was another of the fantastic entertainers that we lost way too soon because of AIDS. He would have been 65 yesterday. It's hard to imagine Freddie joining AARP but if he had, it would have been way cool!!!  The Christian Science Monitor has a great article about the man behind the music.


Travis Cody said...

That is one of my all time favorite Queen songs. I wonder how many more masterpieces of rock music Queen would have given us if Freddie had lived.

This Eclectic Life said...

Yes, this is a favorite of mine, too! There wasn't much they did that I didn't like. Unfortunately, when Freddie was alive, I was in a "different life," and didn't know to appreciate him.

Linda said...

We were watching CBS Sunday Morning this week and they were interviewing Keith Richards who is, I believe they said, 68 years old. I'm pretty sure that mentally he's still in his heyday and I'd be willing to bet that Freddie Mercury would have been the exact same way!