16 June 2006

Boats and Blossoms

You are now visiting a little bit of England. Friends in Cheshire were kind enough to provide room and board for all my rambles.
To the left are the magnificent Rhododendrons of the

Dorothy Clive Garden

One of the more delightful ways to travel at a reasonable cost are the narrow boats and canal system of England. The whole family can bed down for a weekend or a month simply moving from town to town through locks and scenery that must be seen to be believed. If you are interested in a truly unique vacation, this is the way to go Narrow Boats

Cheshire is delightful. Mow Kop may look like a ruin, but was built by the land owner to have a different view from his window. It is well worth the hill climb from the road both for the unique experience and the view of the valley below.

Macclesfield is a beautiful town with all the amenities of a city while resting beside one of those canals that the narrow boats travel. Be warned, everything in the old section of town is cobbled with very steep hills. If you don't like walking at a 45 degree angle, take a bus or cab. If you do visit, take the time to go through the Silk Museum for a unique look at Britains past as an importer of raw goods and exporter of finery.


Rob said...

My parents went to Chelsea this year, they really liked it.

Durward Discussion said...

Rob, I was in Britain for three weeks and felt cheated when I left. There was so much more to see and do. I have to go back just to squeeze in the Oxford area, London, and part of Wales.

Given my druthers, I would rent an apartment and take a year to travel. There is just so much to see and do.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!

Rob said...

Becuase my parents stayed right next to the Chelsea field on game day, they got a little swept up in it. Now we follow Chelseas scores on the internet and are following England in the World Cup.

I've been to Ireland.

Durward Discussion said...

I really like the Chelsea website. It's very active. Chelsea

Much better than Manchester United. Of course, they have been through that beg hassle with the Glazer buyout and are at war with their fans.