22 February 2007

Bread and Circuses

It has been noted that the Roman Empire fell when it extended its borders too far, made taxes too high, gave benefits to those who kept the system afloat, put all the power into the hands of the executive, and appeased the general public with entertainment with monies from the public purse that was already stretched thin by the expenses of the nation.

Don't look now folks, but you may want to duck because the U.S. could be tumbling down.


Our current President is assuming the powers of a dictator and insists he is the decider of all disposition of the manpower and wealth of the nation with no need to consult with the Senate or House.

Our military is stretched into every continent on earth.

Unfunded mandates have pushed much of the cost of society down on the middle class.

The wealthiest in the nation receive the greatest benefits from the government

The economy is in a decline with the dollar losing value against world currencies.


We have just been through constant tabloid coverage of Anna Nicole Smith, Brittany, whoever the dead blond of the week might be, and a petty squabble of no import from two political candidates, while those actually responsible for relaying news and information have totally reneged on their responsibilities to investigate and inform.

Our military is under great stress, we are in conflict with several nations in the world, there are major issues regarding the neglect of veterans, and prisoner of war detainees are being incarcerated without trial. These are just a few issues that have been virtually ignored by the network and cable channels.

This morning The Guardian had an excellent article on the problem with the frivolous including the following paragraph:

It matters that we got into Iraq, all of us. It matters, enormously so, that our "intelligence" led us there, or was led. And in any rational society there would have been firings and resignations in those areas to make the troops shudder. It matters that from the outset we sent troops in without language, a plan, local knowledge or body armour. It matters that our leader said, let's have a war over the most serious issue of our time but don't let's act serious about it - don't let us tax ourselves more gravely, don't let us have a draft, don't let us ask for universal service. Let's "surge" instead of think. Let's pass over as fit only for praise that 3,000 of our troops have been killed, 20,000 maimed and unknown numbers of bystanders wiped out. Let's act as if it's a game show.
Don't, under any circumstances, upset the American public.

Nothing will save this country until people get angry enough to demand change.


michael the tubthumper said...

another major factor in the collapse of the romans, mayans, whoever is that their strategies for energy capture became subject to the law of diminishing returns

RebelliousRenee said...

Jamie...as I've mentioned on CL... I am watching HBO's series Rome... it started with Caesar's victory over Gaul and then marching with his legions into Rome....

this season... it started with Caesar's death and showing the rise of Marc Anthony and Augustus Caesar....

what's really chilling is seeing how quickly the "Republic" lost it's way...
I really hope that this country can heal from the damage that Bushie and Co. have wrought...
but as Rome show's.... every country has it's day... and every Empire eventually falls....