23 February 2007

Yellow Means Jonquils

Now Morgen has gone and picked a word that I needed for March. My birthday, my birth flower, and my favorite color. It is a tossup as to whether this belongs on Manic Monday or Wordless Wednesday.

The jonquils have followed me all my life. First they were decorations on birthday cakes. Then as a teenager in the role of Amanda in The Glass Menagerie where her great speech is how her arms were full of jonquills and life held such promise when she was desired by many and had not yet been abandoned by the man she chose.

In college they were on the corsage at my waist as a gift from my future husband. Then there were the grubby fingered bouquets from my son who picked them from a neighbor's yard simply because he knew they were "mommy's flowers", and finally to my joy every year when I see the first yellow of spring.

So there they are. My Jonquils. Perfectly yellow. Perfectly Spring. Perfectly Me.


Sanni said...

Perfectly posted =)

I love "Osterglocken" (that´s the German name of Jonquils), too. They are my favorite Easter decoration!


They're coming up like gang busters here.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...


smiles, bee

Jamie said...

Where you sit depends on where you stand. smiles

Technically they are all Narcissus even if it is called the Daffodil Society.

Morgen said...

daffodils, jonquils,narcissus -- by any name, they all equal springtime love for me!
I'd forgotten about the jonquil speech in The Glass Menagerie, thanks for that lovely reminder.
I do so love Tennessee Williams' poetic plays!
Thanks for participating in
Manic Monday
Manic Mo

Linda said...

Perfect picture for a perfect post!

Claire said...

What a lovely story, it was shame indeed this didn't fall in march!