09 February 2007

Nothing New

Every time I start to think that modern society has gone completely off the rails, I find some example of the more things change, the more they remain the same. The only difference I can find of late is people being famous for being famous rather than real or supposed accomplishments, but yesterday's coverage of the death of Anna Nicole is almost nothing when compared to previous events.

Rudoph Valentino's death and funeral meant almost unrelenting hysteria. Two women attempted suicide outside the hospital. In London a woman took poison in front of his image and one boy died on a bed covered with his photographs.

The first funeral in New York involved laying in state as 100,000 people passed to view the body. Thousands more lined the rails as the train carrying his body returned him to Hollywood. In Los Angeles there was a by invitation only funeral followed by a Memorial Service attended by more than 80,000 people as a plane dropped bushels of flowers at the mausoleum.

For years there have been various "Ladies In Black" paying homage to Valentino's grave.

Don't give up. The world will return to sanity until the next time.


carol g. said...

Valentino, Princess Di, Anna Nicole... it's just sad - a fact of life, but sad none the less... and a shame that fame does not let one RIP

Jamie said...

For me the crime is in the wall to wall coverage of these events as "news". While the media is pewling and gushing over the latest pathetic event, while dragging the friends and relatives through the tabloid wringer, truly important events are neglected.

michael the tubthumper said...

the hysteria around the princess di stuff was unbelievable