01 December 2007

Fairy Collection

Everyone knows someone who collects fairies. If someone like that is on your holiday gift list, head on over to The Wren's Nest (Link on right). Mo is a wonderful person who will give you truly old fashioned service at a reasonable price, and his store houses a rather large collection of interesting things from fairyland

Not To Mention


And all sorts of lovely things including tea from around the world and aroma therapy to keep you feeling peaceful in the midst of holiday happenings.

I get nothing from this commercial except the chance to do something nice for a sweet man.


Linda said...

Oh no, you definitely got something from this commercial - appreciation from Mo, I'm sure, and admiration from me for doing something so nice for someone else so nice!

Schmoop said...

Nice Jamie. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Cheers!!

crpitt said...

Tis a Sweet Man indeed, as are you :)

Well not a sweet man but a sweet lady :)

maryt/theteach said...

How sweet of you Jamie...I intend to shop at the Wren's Nest for my special Christmas gifts.