05 December 2007

Shameless Lions

The above award was created by Seamus of The Shameless Lions Writing Circle and this is what he has to say about it:

"When I set up The Shameless Lions Writing Circle, one of things I had in mind was that we as a group could encourage and celebrate good, powerful writing on the Internet/blogosphere. This is why I've come up with a new project to try to do exactly that, while of course at the same time increase exposure for the 48 members and their individual blogs. A Roar For Powerful Words is the chance to scream from the mountains the good news about the powerful posts that are produced every day in the blogosphere, despite what some mainstream columnists and journalists claim. This is also a good chance to examine exactly what it is that makes writing good and powerful."

Per Seamus, this award is to be distributed "to those people who have blogs we love, can't live without, where we think the writing is good and powerful."

Linda of Are We There Yet chose to pass this award on to me. I feel both honored and a bit abashed that she thinks I'm a worthy recipient .... but I'll Take I'll Take It! Now this means that I am sitting here blushing which clashes horribly with my hair, but as she is someone used to unique hair colors, this will not disturb her at all. Thank you Linda.

A few of the bloggers who have been honored by Seamus, Sandee and Linda are:

Mo @ It's a Blog Eat Blog World
Ian @ EDog's Everything Page
Ann @ A Nice Place In The Sun
Richard @ Untwisted Vortex
Mimi @ Mimi Writes
Travis of Trav's Thoughts
Maddy of both Whitterer on Autism and Alien in a Foreign Field
Patois of Whee! All The Way Home
Jeni of Down River Drivel

All of them are worth more than just a short visit. If unfamiliar with their work, I'm sure you will become a fan in no time at all.

Needless to say, I am in excellent company but now it's my turn to pass this award on to several others. This is a difficult choice because I am so impressed by much of the writing out there in the blogosphere.

Therefore, here are five roars for powerful words! to the following blogs not to be missed.

Claire of A Little Piece of Me - Claire is a bright light that you visit when you want to smile. Even when discussing the most serious of subjects, there is always room for a quirky viewpoint. Let her take you on long walks in beautiful places, face the trials of learning a new field or the stress of dealing with family. Besides, she has recently taken up cartooning and that is worth a visit all by itself.

Rock Chick of Life Is Rantastic --Are the small aggravations of life getting you down? Join Rock Chick in letting steam flow out of your ears. Her writing style is sharp, funny, and to the point. When not in full out flaming attack on the deserving, she has wicked and inciteful commentary on all aspects of her life.

L^2 of A Dog's Eye View I will let her describe herself since it is the best way for you to see what a remarkable person she is.
"I have a "dog's eye view" of the world as I rely on the eyes and intelligence of my Leader Dog (dog guide) Willow to lead me through the chaos of my life. I also have a yellow pet Lab, Stella, who is a crazy, happy, never-ending bundle of energy. I have two Physics degrees, and a great love of astronomy (despite my inability to look up at the night sky and see anything but darkness). Other loves include crochet, music, photography, books, and writing."
Her photography is amazing and her life and view of the world a gentle place in the world.

Enigma4Ever of Watergate Summer. She is unabashedly liberal of view and peaceful of nature with a clarity of thought and word that even when you might disagree, you want to quote and spread around. Each article comes with her mood music of the moment simply by clicking the titles. Bring a cup of tea, sit down by the fire, enjoy the sounds, and treat yourself to some great writing.

Matt Man of Bagwine Ruminations - Rating Alert: This spot must be labeled hard R or soft X, but he is funny with a clever twist to words that turn the adventure of reading into a game where fun is had by all in such a way as to sneak in a sharp view of the vagaries of life. Some of the comments can be as hilarious as the article that stimulated ... I probably shouldn't use the word stimulated

Claire, Rock Chick, L^2, Enigma, and Matt Man - please go by Seamus's post to choose the color of your award (they're available in three colors). Please keep this award going. There is a lot of great writing out there and you can help us find more.


Matt-Man said...

Ha Ha...I may be rated R to X at times but I try to never dumb it down. Jamie you are one of my favorite writers and while not I am big on awards, coming from you, I truly appreciate this. Thanks and keep up the good posting yourself. Cheers!!

The Rock Chick said...

Hi Jamie!

I am TOTALLY flattered! Thank you so much for this and for the nice words...you are RANTastic, too! :)

I can't tell you how much I appreciate this.


Travis said...

This is well earned. I always enjoy your work.

Shelly Kneupper Tucker said...

EXCELLENT choices, Jamie. And, congratulations to you! Well deserved.
This Eclectic Life

L^2 said...

Wow... thank you Jamie! I'm so incredibly honored that you would think of me for this award! I'll try to get a post up about it tonight. Thanks again and congrats to you too! :-)

Linda said...

I'm not quite sure why you're abased at receiving this award as you are a fantastic writer with lots of interesting topics and very well put together posts. You truly are a powerful writer so get out there and roar!

the teach said...

Congrats, Jamie! You deserve it!