20 July 2008

Doodle - Body

Doodlechris went golfing last weekend for the first time in a few years. As a result he was in need of a totally new body. Fortunately being a doodle, a new body was easy, but he still seems to be having some trouble bending the joints.

Robin Williams - History of Golf (Strong Language Warning)


Sarge Charlie said...

you have mastered this doodling stuff

Travis said...

I love that Robin Williams bit. He captures my puzzlement at how so many people think golf is the great game. I never understood that and have no desire to try it.


YummY! said...

Doodle body gots big joints.

the teach said...

Doodlechris has had a wonderful run! Bring him back every once in a while for a visit! He's great! :)