02 April 2010

Movie Magic - 5 On Friday

This great new meme was invented by Travis of Trav's Thoughts. It gives you a chance to pick a theme or just favorite songs and then design a juke box around it to share with others. Check his site for instructions and join in the fun.

Linda over at "Are We There Yet" has introduced me to some wonderful new creators of motion picture scores such as Danny Elfman which made me think of the many movie themes that have become hit songs.

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The juke box couldn't capture the intensity of the remarkable scene from Picnic when Kim Novak crossed the dance floor to the arms of William Holden and the old song Moonglow gave way to the Picnic Theme. Enjoy.

Now enjoy the old pros Chet Atkins and Les Paul remembering both pieces, chatting about keys and finally putting it all together in a fusion of two perfect guitars: Moonglow/Theme From Picnic


Julia Smith said...

I'd never seen this clip from Picnic (or the film) - thanks for posting it. It's so *ssst* hot!

Lara's theme is my favorite from your set this week.

Jamie said...

Holden and Novak certainly heated up the screen.

Linda said...

Amanda was listening to Exodus on Slacker Radio on her iPod the other day and I had to explain to her that it was an old, old piece being that my parents used to play it on vinyl way back when I was still in grade school. She liked it but I've got to think part of that is because she has quite the ear for good movie music - which all of these choices certainly are!

Anonymous said...

Great pieces in your set. The Rocky theme still gives me chills when I hear it... I also enjoyed Exodus, memories when I was little when my brother used to play it at the piano.

Akelamalu said...

That clip is so much sexier than any nude bedroom scene isn't it? :0

Travis said...

Holden and Novak definitely had a sizzle going.

These are all terrific selections this week!