26 April 2010

Whistle Down The Wind

This week's Take This Tune's selection is "Whistle Down The Wind" from the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical of the same name.  The meaning of the title is to whistle for something desired that you probably won't get or you will get it, and it will be in the form of "be careful what you ask for".  The term is probably from nautical whistling for a wind when a ship is becalmed and getting too much of a good thing, as in this quote from "Rokeby" by Sir Walter Scott:  “How whistle rash bids tempests roar!”

It immediately made me think of two things:  First, the times in life when I have done what I call "screaming at the universe".  You are hanging on to the end of your rope and the fingers are getting weak.  I'm not quite sure what happens next except that up until now, something has always happened, probably because I haven't overused the technique.  Whether it is unexpected money, help at the instant needed, or just added strength to get through a very bad something.  The other thought was a Garth Brooks song.  Sometimes what we want isn't what is in our best interests.  If you are really, really lucky, those requests fall on very deaf ears.


Travis said...

Very appropriate.

Linda said...

Excellent choice!

I'm trying to do some much needed catch-up here having stayed away from my Google Reader for close to a week - a dangerous thing to do but I felt a respite was in order as work has been overwhelming along with personal obligations like standing on a street in the East Village for five hours! Too bad I didn't have my laptop then, I could've read every single post in my Reader and still had time!

Hmm, now that I think about it, there's a thought for a Take This Tune song - "The Thing We Do For Love" by a group called 10cc.


Pamela said...

I like your post! Makes me think of this:

"You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need" ~The Rolling Stones