14 April 2011

5 On Friday - All In A Night's Work

Our buddy Travis is tossing a little twist into the usual Five On Friday  meme with the following:
Five Degrees of Musical Progression is back!
I'd like to try something a little different for FDoMP, Vol 3.  I know it's only the second time we've actually done this as a group, and it would seem a little early to start throwing twists.  
Humor me, 'k?  It's my birthday. 
Here's the little twist...we all begin from the same jump off track.  There are a lot of directions we can go with this song, so I think it's a good starting point.

To join in, simply visit Trav's Thoughts and sign in after creating your own 5 on Friday

Originally before this request from Travis, I was going to do Bessie Smith as this is the anniversary of her Birthday, so if you get a chance, visit You Tube for some more of her music.  While the daughter of a minister, she got started by singing on the streets.  Whether or not she did anything else is open for debate but it was a hard life at the beginning and may just fit in with my choice of songs for this week.  So here she is with "You Gotta Give Me Some".  Fair warning the lyrics to this song and everything from here on in has an R rating.

My 5 On Friday is not so much a progression as a profession - So let's take a short walk down a long long road with the ladies of the night.


Linda said...

Wow! Things are smokin' over here today! I'm surprised your blog isn't in flames or melting or something!

Gotta admit, I've always liked that Donna Summer song!

Julia Phillips Smith said...

LOL, Linda! I'll be back to listen over the weekend, Jamie - I'm swamped but in a good way. A VERY good way!

Mike Golch said...

gete set,I enjoyed listening to them.

j said...

My mind went in a similar direction with the Gordon Lightfoot song. It really does come across as very lusty music, doesn't it.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Travis Cody said...

Nicely done. I don't know that I've heard that song from the Box Tops. I really like this Set.

And now I get to look forward to a second progressive Set next week?

Polly said...

Ah, Lady Marmalade. So fun.

And the Bessie Smith number. lol I'm surprised no one has remade that one.

Julia Phillips Smith said...

How do I pick a favorite from such a set? Answer - can't be done. They all ROCK.