11 April 2011

The Spring Done Sprung Meme

Her majesty is getting ready to tiptoe through the tulips and therefor has declared a spring into spring. Just visit the Queen's Meme and answer the inquiries.

Today we are discussing the wonders of Spring. But it's not all about blooming flowers and Easter cards this time. Just a simple play on words with a twisted smack of alliteration and snark thrown in. You know, the usual. Now do me a favor and add your smack to the smack.

1. What about spring ticks you off the most?

Pastels. I don't like pastels. I even dressed my babies in primary colors. Pastels are sad, wimpy imitations lurking on the color pallet and popping up once a year in M & M's and Peeps

2. How many blooming idiots have you met lately?

Everybody's crazy except thee and me, and sometimes I'm not sure about thee.  I would rather have a blooming onion.

3. If spring springs early when you're in the middle of a spring fling, does that mean you must flung 'em out of your life early or can it wait until summer comes? 

No.  If they are a really, really good one, you hang on extra tight until it turns into a winter wonderland.

4. If you could toss one thing or person out the window during your annual spring cleaning, who would it be?

At the moment Paul Ryan from the penthouse floor, but the supply of prospective candidates is endless.

5. Do you have seasonal defective disorder?

Yes. Spring makes me grouchy. Everything is just too darn CUTE.

6. If you left the windows open on a cool spring night, what would the neighbors see?

 Me dancing nude in the moonlight in my dreams while snuggled under the blankets

7. Name your most potent allergens during this season of (achoo!) bliss.

 My nose is a barometer. I don't have allergies, but my nose hates changes in moisture. Spring is awful because it's dry, it's wet, it's dry, it's wet ......... Achoo!!!!

There is one good thing about a Spring - a great Rodgers and Hart song but they weren't happy about it either:

Of course, Ella Fitzgerald's voice makes even Spring bearable.


Travis Cody said...

Pastel Peeps are evil.

Anonymous said...

#1 - I'm on that train with you...pastels...ick.
#2 - didn't even think of an onion..and i love 'em.

Amanda said...

You are right, I regret every pastel purchase I've ever made. Primary colors all the way!

Dawn Drover said...

You're right... everybody IS crazy :)

Mimi Lenox said...

Thee and me are quite a pair. But seriously....how can you hate peeps???!