15 July 2011

5 On Friday - El viernes cinco

Travis of Trav's Thoughts has this marvelous meme ... Now all we need are more music lovers to take part. Stop by for a visit by clicking his link for the simple rules, sign in and then go forth to share your musical choices.

This week I'm featuring Spanish Songs that became major hits in English. Usually the exact translation doesn't have that much similarity to the original, but the music is beautiful and many artists have taken the opportunity to make these wonderful melodies into hits. Each English recording is followed by a link to the original Spanish lyrics.

I'll kick it off with an oldie from the 1940s.  Is it any wonder my favorite eye color is green?

Aquellos Ojos Verdes

The exact translation for the next one is Spanish at its most passionate which isn't echoed in the English version but all that trembling "palpitar" shouldn't go to waste:

When the sun heats up here at the beach
I feel your body vibrate near me;
It's your heartbeat, your face, your hair,
Your kisses, and I shudder, oh, oh, oh!

Cuando Caliente El Sol Vikki Carr

If the next one doesn't make your hips move, check your pulse.

"¿Quién será?" (Nat King Cole)

Now who could be unfaithful to Julie London?

Perfidia (Linda Ronstadt

Two great versions of the same "frenetic" song.

Frenesi (Linda Ronstadt)


Mike Golch said...

Jamie,a great selection,thanks for sharing them.

Julia Smith said...

That was FABULOUS. Of course I loved the Michael Buble selection, as well as the Julie London one and the Eydie Gorme one.

Travis Cody said...

What a great idea! I loved the music.