11 July 2011

One Thing Leads To Another

Albert Namatjira

Here we go again ... The stream of consciousness is taking off and running the rapids:

Just recently, I was on my favorite political site and a gentleman there put up a recording of "Diamantina Drover" by an American country singer.  Now this site is my favorite simply because if you must discuss politics, do it with outrageously brilliant people who really know music.

This caused me to counter with, "You can't put up 'Diamantina Drover' without hearing John Williamson sing".  Snarky I know, but you have to defend the original whenever possible.

This led to a previous post below where I did one of my arrogant, "If you have never heard" blah blah posts just to expose everyone who stops by to a singer who would be a global treasure if it weren't for a little detail like being born in Australia.  It is only recently that great things from Australia have been acknowledged as being as wonderful as they are.  For once I'm not pointing out Hugh but rather acknowledging artists of both screen and gallery such as  Jacki Weaver who got the AFI for "Animal Kingdom" but was robbed of the Golden Globe and Oscar  ... Take that! Black Swan, emaciated,  twinkle toes.

While listening to the John Williamson recordings again, the lyrics registered in "Raining On The Rock"  and all of a sudden I have something new to chase down and learn:  Who is Albert Namatjira?  This led to one of the first Aboriginal artists to be recognized for their skill and from there to one of my favorite Australian writers to date:  Nevil Shute and my favorite book by him of "A Town Like Alice".  Some of you may have seen the television miniseries production of this book starring Bryan Brown (my first Australian crush in the 1980s who was in the movie Australia as the bad guy cattle baron with Hugh, and more age appropriate if he weren't married to gorgeous Australian actress, Rachel ward ... sigh oh well).

Everything that goes around comes around.  All of the above links should keep you busy, but for me they led to another place I have to stop and explore should I get to do the great Australian adventure:  Alice Springs.

As it turns out, the paintings of Albert Namatijira are now shown in the National Gallery of Australia as a point of national pride for a great Australian artist, Alice Springs has become the center of both the country and Aboriginal art as well as a not to be missed stop over in your travels.

There are times when the seemingly simple are so simple they are glorious:


Mike Golch said...

interesting,thanks for sharing.

Travis Cody said...

Your love of things Australian never fails to bring us interesting things to learn and to ponder.

Mimi Lenox said...

Thanks for pointing out Hugh even when you weren't pointing out Hugh.

Jamie said...

Who Moi? The funny thing is I went from never having heard the name to hearing about Albert Namatijira twice in the same day from two different songs.