17 July 2011

Seven Things I've Never Told You

Queen Mimi of Bloggingham has bestowed an Sweet Blog Award upon yours truly. Well actually she said some really nice things about me on her ever entertaining and amazing blog and then passed along a hand me down from One Gal Musings.

Now there are duties to fulfill in order to claim this bounty.  I am required to tell you seven things about myself that I've never told you before ... excuse me while I rummage in undisclosed information closet.  It's getting awfully skimpy in there.

Then I am to recommend others who have properly earned this lovely award.  So here goes.

1.  My Guardian Angel had to work overtime the night I swam nude in the pacific, got caught in a rip tide and ended up a mile down the beach from where I went in.  Not only that, but I did it at sundown when certain large fish are known to be looking for take out.  Teach me to go drinking with the girls.

2.  I once had one of the above for a pet and still really like California King Snakes.  Had to donate Squiggly to the school Science Dept when one of my many moves took place.  He was a great lap warmer and I missed him for quite awhile.

3.  Mimi told a story about somewhat unsuccessfully driving a tractor.  At the age of 12, I started driving a truck on an uncle's ranch.  Because of being a year ahead in school and California laws at the time, I was able to get a driver's license at 15.   So off road for 55 years and on road for 52.  One of my fantasies is still to have a Mary Movie Star thirties era roadster convertible.

4.  I hate liver.  I cannot even be in the same location where it is cooking.

5.  In high school I was cast as Amanda in Glass Menagerie.  Jonquils are my birth flower, but ever since doing Amanda's speech about the jonquils, they are my favorite flower.  "That was the spring I had the craze for jonquils. Jonquils became an absolute obsession. Mother said, 'Honey, there's no more room for jonquils.' And still I kept on bringing in more jonquils. Whenever, wherever I saw them, I'd say, "Stop ! Stop! I see jonquils!"

6.  This is Caesar.  He lives on my wall.  He has lived on my wall for 27 years.  I like him.

7.   The above are two cups from a collection currently of about 50 cups from 50 different cities.  Each one may be a tourist thing but they can't be one of those I Heart tacky cups.  Only rule is it must be from a city where I or one of the children have been.

Now for the other sweet blogs.  First let me echo Mimi with, "ALL BLOGGERS I READ who are not mentioned below:  You are every one amazing and I refuse to leave folks out." If any of you want a Sweet Blog award, feel free to grab it and have fun.

1. This Eclectic Life Shelly Tucker is a story teller of wonderful tales and a lady with a huge heart dedicated to bringing joy to children through Share A Square.

2. Fairweather Lewis - Fair may not do this because her blog is filled with wonderful ghost stories, mystery, and history but even if she doesn't, you should visit a truly sweet blog for a truly great read.

3. Watergate Summer - Alie writes about everything under the sun and then some. Every day is something different.

4./5. Now I've got a problem because Mimi nominated my two favorite bloggers in addition to herself. Trav's Thoughts and Are We There Yet. So Trav and Linda get a double dose of sweetness.

6. Border Explorer - Billie Greenwood writes an amazing blog about important issues. Whether you agree or not, she will always leave you thinking.

7. A Piece of My Mind - Julia writes books, poetry, and wonderful exposes on music of all kinds, her family ... If it is about life, Julia writes. Please go watch her do it.


Enigma4ever said...

oh this is awesome....I need to read these other blogs....and get back to blogging more...your blog as always looks so amazing and I love how you write and the 7 things...very cool..

Faire said...

YIKES!!! Many thanks, Jamie! I have another post in the works for today, and I have rather a large closet of skeletons to sort through, so it may take a couple of days, but I will certainly pass this award on! Again, many thanks! :)

Julia Smith said...

Congrats on your award, Jamie - and thanks for the one you've passed to yours truly.

I will hold an awards ceremony next Monday. And of course I'll visit your other nominees.

Mimi Lenox said...

Once I got passed the shark and water picture, I was ok.
Swimming. Naked. Pacific. You.
Yep. Why am I not surprised? (in a good way) I've led such a sheltered life.
I only swim nude in the Atlantic.


Mimi Lenox said...

Listen Leggs...I love liver and onions. Yumm. So good for you. Yummm.

I want to hear the jonquils dialogue. You should record it for us.

I was going to send you a Bloggingham cup but I see that doesn't satisfy your cup collection rule.

Your nominees are on my favorite reads list as well. They are all phenomenal bloggers.

I must remember now when I visit your blog that cute little Caesar is watching...

Mimi Lenox said...

"past" not "passed"

Billie Greenwood said...

Holy Cow, Jamie! You captured my attention with fact #1. I'll have to do Something Big real quick so I can post a secret as compelling as yours. Thanks so much for the award and more for the kind words. But, wait! Not everyone agrees with me???!!! ;-)

Linda said...

Swimming nude in the Pacific at shark dinner-time while riding a rip-tide. Why am I not surprised??

And I must echo your sentiment on the liver dislike. I have vivid childhood memories of trying to choke down the nicest vile "meat" as my father liked it and my mother insisted that we kids eat it when they did. I'm happy to say that I have never ONCE forced liver upon any of my children and for that they should fall down and thank me profusely over and over and over again!

So ... if I am doubly tagged does that mean I have to try to come up with 14 things?? I'm going to have trouble coming up with 7 after the first tag by the Queen herself!

Give me some time to stop photo-editing and I'll get to this award post though I fear it will be nowhere near as exciting as yours as I've never swam nude anywhere!

Linda said...

And what the heck did I mean by "the nicest vile meat"? Where was my brain on that one? Sheesh ... my fingers seem to have a mind of their own and totally disconnect from my brain way too often lately!

Travis Cody said...

I'm all kerfluffled at the double nomination...from you and Mimi. Thank you my dear!