14 July 2011

Because Mimi Teased Me

In the comments down below, Mimi just had to mention that I typed four of my favorite letters. In response, I mentioned that I had heard the name Albert Namatijira twice in the same day in two different songs. The first was Diamantina Drover and the second was "I Am Australian".  This video on You Tube was so lovely, that it only seemed right to share.

In addition to above you might like to check out the Nomad Two Worlds foundation with its mission of sharing the work of indigenous artists. The links of this main page can lead you to many beautiful images in different mediums. A donation as small as $25.00 keeps the work moving forward.

Now Mimi does happen to be fond of blue globes floating in space and what better than two worlds at peace.

1 comment:

Mimi Lenox said...

I should tease you more often.
That is awesome!

Australia **for obvious 4-letter reasons** is near and dear to my heart.