19 July 2011

OMG The Grumpus Will Get Me.

I can't believe I did it.  Powers of the universe forgive me ... please?  In listing some of the sweetest blogs, I forgot Claire.  You have no idea what could happen due to this oversight.  The creatures that might come out of the woodwork demanding retribution.

If you have never visited Claire's website, Claire's Facebook, Claire's other Facebook, Claire's Flickr or for that matter Claire's couch (she must have a couch somewhere), you are missing a great big piece of internet wonderfulness.
She a professional counselor, an artist, a photographer, a hiker, a teller of family tales, a Doodologist extraordinaire,  and a creator of flights of fancy that take us all along for the ride.  Then to top it off she does generous things that just make you smile and go along because it is the right thing to do.

You are therefor required to rush over and plead that I was just having a small seizure.  Do not send the Grumpus, you get the award.  Really you do.


Linda said...

Oh dear, you really shouldn't offend the Grumpus as there's no telling what he might do. Even if all he does is throw verbal (written) insults in your direction you'll want to go sit in the corner and cry for a bit as he does seem to have a flare for good insults that make you feel less than stellar!

I sincerely hope to one day find out in person if Claire has a couch! Being that she already knows that I have one she's more than welcome to come back over anytime and not only sit on it but use it as the sleeper sofa that it is. She just has to find the time to come back across the pond and then spend the time allowing me to drag her off to all of the wonderful places I've found that I know she'll just love even though she is one of the cheekiest Brits I know!

Anonymous said...

The Grumpus is kinda cute... in a green sort of way...

Mimi Lenox said...

What is The Grumpus? Should I know about this? I'm a Queen you know..