13 November 2006

First the Deck Chairs Now the Rats

I'm reviewing the situation.
If you want to eat -- you've got to earn a bob!
Is it such a humiliation
For a robber to perform an honest job?
So a job I'm getting, possibly,
I wonder who my boss'll be?
I wonder if he'll take to me...?
What bonuses he'l make to me...?
I'll start at eight and finish late,
At normal rate, and all..but wait!

...I think I'd better think it out again.

Don't Cry For Washington Lobbyists

The story of the nice real estate deal by Barak Obama just came out and he has promised never, ever on a stack of bibles to ever do anything like that again. I always thought ethics were what you did when no one else was watching. Unfortunately, people who believe that have never met a politician.

Now that we have a new set of thieves in charge of the previous set of thieves, it will pay to keep a close eye on them. At least this group is likely to come up with a few things we might like. The last set wouldn't do anything and that allowed the White House to rampage all over the American public. For a few minutes all concerned seem to be on their good behavior ... a condition that may exist for one or two weeks until they think we aren't watching.

It is said that if you really want to get a mule's attention, hit him up the side of the head with a two by four. We just did this to the Republican party. Congress should be aware that a few of us are still carrying a big stick.

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colorado bob said...

The hands may be too " Busy'

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