07 November 2006

Monster Raving Loony

Now that another political season has passed and in the 24 hour break before the next one begins, I can reveal my true political attitudes. It was a wonderful night. All of my projections came true, but I hate politicians. Never has there been so many platitudes uttered in so short a period of time. The pundits pontificated. The smilers smiled. The true believers cheered and thank God it is over for a while. Now I can return to my true political calling.

I am a Monster Raving Loony and totally support its intelligent and necessary manicfesto. Now you might think that these deep thinking, ethical, and responsible beings only operate in Great Britain. Untrue! You may only be able to vote for them there if you are a British citizen, but world wide there are fellow travelers longing for a better world.

In a mad, mad world filled with power hungry politicians refusing to take responsibility for their actions, only being Loony will save your sanity. So go punch a few holes in the stuffier members of the political class. Become Pythonesque in your desire to support all things hilarious.

The Silly Ministry is now open for business.


catinwaco said...

I've been searching for just the right party all of my life. I WANT TO JOIN! I WANT TO JOIN!

Jamie said...

Go to the official website, I think you can become an honorary member. I know there are groups world wide who enjoy being Loony.

If you ever get a chance to see the returns for the British parliament at the local level (It is sometimes telecast), don't miss it.

The last time I watched, the Raving Loony was wearing a long gold gown with a huge sunburst headress and went around throwing silly things at the crowd.

Even the people supporting other candidates cheered him on.

Jamie said...

PS you can actually join at Membership

vanillabirdies said...

Supporting all things hilarious is much more joyful then many of the things that are supported at the moment.

Good plan.

AlanBoss said...

This is marvelous! I’m ready to join!

But not before I say that today my faith in my fellow Americans (well, most of them, anyway) has been restored.

Speaking of raving loonies, Jamie, have you been to our right wing friend’s blog today? Even after clear demonstration to the contrary, he and his sheeple are still suffering from the delusion that they represent mainstream America! I think that I am finally, truly done with them (at least, until ‘08.) Laughing at clueless idiots is fun. Laughing at the truly delusional just feels cruel.

Carol G said...

It really scares me that a non-political person such as I can see the idiocy (if there is such a word) drool in the White House. How did he ever get a college degree?? Oh, yes... daddy did it... I wish I could feel "Loony" but I feel more like crying that some (not all) of the American public think this is a wonderful administration. Today I am scared... maybe tomorrow I will be able to laugh... Jamie... HELP!!

The Parish Poisoner said...

We'd be delighted if you'd all join the party. Thank you for your comments...

Morpheus Todd, The Parish Poisoner
Head of Misinformation and Technology
The Official Monster Raving Loony Party