09 November 2006


30 NOV 1950

We are a military family. Some male in every generation back to the 1700s (and probably before) has donned the uniform of their country. Fortunately, all except one returned home safely to pass away of old age. Today is for Capt. Denchfield

By Judith Knight

We've all heard
This casual remark
And thought little of it
And just as well
For who ever heard
Of a frozen hell

Well listen to me
And you will know
Of the frozen hell
Where soldiers go
I can tell you now
How it was then
When I went to hell
And back again.

It was back in fifty
You know the score
When the Thirty-first
Went off to war.
We were the Polar Bears!
We'd been around,
But we almost lost it
On that frozen ground.

It was called Chosin
That frozen place
Unhabitable I'd say
By Gods own race
But there we were
At forty below with frozen ear
And frozen toe
With weapon frozen
To the hand
Then forced to fight
For this bitter land
Out-numbered there
By the Devils brood
Fighting to death
And dying crude.

We did not bleed
For our blood was frozen
There on the battleground
We recall as Chosin
And on we went
Our numbers small
To Hagarui-ri,
As I recall.

And even in Hell
A hero's born
And we had ours
That frozen morn
When Donald Faith
Redeemed us there
But stayed behind
In the Devils lair.

Like one before
A sacrifice made
He gave his life
For those he saved
Four thousand strong
Were nevermore
Three thousand lay
On the Devils floor

And of those left
To fight again
There were but a handful
Of Faith's own men
He led us out
That day from Hell
It's sacred ground
Where our hero fell.

A rag-tag lot
Half-frozen men
Half-able but willing
To fight again
And I am one
And you may be too
We are known today
As the Chosin Few!


vanillabirdies said...

beautiful, and absolutely correct

AND I love Company! Ladies who lunch is the perfect song for them. Good eye and ear!

Jamie said...

Company is my favorite Sondheim with Into the Woods a close second.

VB I hope you'll keep us posted on 9/11. My thoughts are with you and the family. Your voices are very necessary in the world.

Rob said...

I like that poem

Jamie said...


If you type

Korea poetry

into your search engine, it will take you to a page of poems written by the men and/or their families.

Diana said...

To a Fallen Soldier

I was the baby born after your death,
So I never saw you--
Never touched your face or hair,
Or felt your arms around me,
Or looked into your eyes,
Or heard your voice--

And yet, while we never had a conversation,
You spoke to me by your actions.

You spoke of courage,
For you pulled others out
When they were pinned.
You spoke of caring,
For you wrote my mother,
Even when you didn't get a letter.
You spoke of balance, for you planned,
Even in the agonizing pulse of battle.
You spoke of hope--
Even as you gave your life.

You spoke.
You are speaking to me now.

Thank you, Daddy.

--Diana Denchfield Clancy,
Raymond's daughter, 11/11/1999