19 November 2006

Useful Pursuits

The election is over. Thanksgiving and Christmas haven't yet arrived. The old Congress probably isn't going to do anything dramatic before the new Congress is sworn in. That takes care of politics until after the first of the year.

The Sunday morning shows somehow seemed terribly blah with the horrors of the war unchanging, the yammering about the Dem leadership vote dying down, TomKat officially joined in unholy wedlock, and the only scandal a 5th rate bit of garbage to air on Fox featuring someone who slaughtered their wife a decade ago, but garbage is what Fox does best.

That leaves sorting the CDs, DVDs and bookcases. Somehow they all manage to wander out of their proper alphabetized places and meander to visit friends. So Little Women is cuddling up to The Once and Future King. and for some reason The book of Common Prayer is next to The Victorian Household. I suppose those Victorian cooks must have prayed a lot over wood stoves.

Everytime I tackle this project, the variety of human interests and experiences never ceases to amaze. How in the world did the same species that produced Gregorian Chants (Third Shelf) come up with a performer like Meatloaf (Shelf Five). There is a DVD featuring Baryshnikov near the DVD for Usual Suspects, and for some reason To Kill A Mockingbird is hanging out near Callahan's Time Travel Saloon.

The history section goes from Panorama of the Classical World to 1968 The Year That Rocked The World, but what can you expect from someone who saw Happy Feet yesterday and will make an effort to see Bobby when it comes out at the end of the month.

So what is lurking on your shelves? Anything unusual in your interests?


vanillabirdies said...

Hmm what constitues unusual?

Let's see quite a few giant coffee books on music (The Beatles, The Who etc.), Welcome to the Monkee House is in clear vision, as for music much nilsson, solo lennon, and music from movie Head at the moment. A couple of never returned and heavily doodled upon (not my doodles!) textbooks that are very dated,two pumpkins which i've yet figured out what to do, and oh yeah my fish...and a semi broken but very cool clock/stereo.

colorado bob said...

I like the post on Sammy.

I've been looking at the google help boards, and they have a review page and saw this girl's site and thought of you ....

Adventures of a Scottish Princess

colorado bob said...

Oh ... One more thing , I think I know enough now to put that tartan pattern in your header .....

Google Tartan Patterns

Jamie said...

Lots of work, but you can steam the pumpkin meat and make everything pumpkin for soup, bread, pies... very useful gourd.

Jamie said...


That was some Halloween party SP attended. She's a New Yorker, probably more in VB's line than mine. :-)

vanillabirdies said...

Hmm will do! At the moment the two pumpkins (Semi Big Pumpkin and Little Pumpkin) have had fun overseeing (truthfully being peeking toms) what goes on outside my window.So I will finally at some point seperate myself from them and use them for something!

I like your ideas very much, must contemplate all the many choices.

Jamie said...

I'm leaving this one up today as tomorrow's blog will take a bit of work.