17 November 2006

Happy Feet

Every once in a while you develop a genuine love for a celebrity you may never meet. Not the obsessive fan type, just a deep feeling that you would find a world without them missing something very special if they weren't around. For me that performer was Sammy Davis, Jr. He first entered my childhood as part of the Will Mastin Trio ... there in black and white making the world more colorful. For years in my married life he was my birthday present every year ... orchestra seat tickets each year getting a little closer to the stage.

Then there was The Ultimate Event with Sinatra and Minelli. (Reminder to self - buy DVD to replace VHS).

When I heard he had cancer, I hoped he would beat it and then when he passed away, he became the only celebrity whose death I actually mourned with tears.

Towards the end of his life, Sammy made a movie Tap that featured just about every great tap dancer still in existence. The youngest member of that cast was a remarkable teenager: Savion Glover. Naturally he has gone on to a great career of his own, mainly live performance in concert and on stage. This weekend those unbelievably talented feet have been put to a unique use. In cartoon form Savion Glover has become Happy Feet. If you need an excuse because an adult can't go to a cartoon alone, then borrow some children and take them out for a treat because the legacy goes on and everyone should know the joy of human achievement in the form of dancing feet.


AlanBoss said...


Since when do adults need children to go see cartoons? My wife and I are planning on seeing this one on the local IMAX screen.

I have a friend that knew Sammy well. He says that Sammy was one of the truly fine people.

Jamie said...

We are doing IMAX today as well. My reaction to Sammy's death actually took me by surprise. I knew he was my favorite personality because he seemed so warm and funny as well as talented on a level so far above others as to be on a different planet, and there I was standing in the office with tears streaming down my face when the news came down. So much for being a "celebrity how gauche" jaded Californian. :-)