06 March 2007

VISTA - Don't Say You Weren't Warned

For my birthday my loving son gave me a new computer to replace the aged and decrepit over five year old one I had. This was a wonderful thing. Unfortunately it came with an atrocious abortion of a program from Microsoft called VISTA. The Office Suite was a thing of beauty and efficiency. So what should be done with them: Eliminate them of course!!!!!!!!!!!! Why let you have .doc when they can give you .wps that won't accept any of your old documents and doesn't work as easily.

Just to add insult to injury: After making all the document files unusable, they destroyed my ability to relax with all my old games that are no longer compatible. So what if I have hundreds of dollars invested in them. Well that is just too bad.

Should someone try to foist this piece of crud off on you, immediately run screaming for the hills even if they offer to pay you to take it. It is not worth your medical condition or sanity to go anywhere near the aggravation and expense.

Now maybe it would be bearable if Microsoft was willing to help you. Big fat laugh. They will gladly charge you for the privilege of speaking to a human being no matter how simple your question or they will direct you to their forums where thousands gather in frustration trying to sooth and support each other, but actually help either in writing or person in some language semi approaching English - HAH!!!

One of these days, they may claim to have fixed the bugs, incompatibilities, and non working meshes with other programs. Should they claim to do so, approach very gingerly with a club to beat the computer to smithereens should they be lying. It will save you from the high blood pressure that could kill you.


Anon-Paranoid said...

Don't you just love Microsoft? {Sarcasm anyone?}

Remember that the NSA helped develop the security for it and now they can openly spy on you.

God Bless


Anger ... What a wonderful motivator ... A great piece of writing. Sorry the reason for it is so painful.

Bear said...


There are some companies that are coming out with programs that compete very well with Microsoft Office and the beauty is, they are free. I will find my PC Magazine that had the list and send it to you.

dog's eye view said...

Jamie: have the jonquils from Mr. G arrived yet?

Condolences on the software snags. You've performed a public service by warning others off.

Love your photo illustration. Is that an actual little animal? It appears to be as well evolved and useful as VISTA.

Is it an aardvark? An anteater? Something from CGI? Anyway, it's very sweet looking.

vanillabirdies said...

Computers can make even the sanest and calmest into a red faced, hyperventilating and angry (but not always english speaking...more like four letter word speaking) person.

But aardvarks are great!

My arguments with computers start off with complimenting and pleading, then screaming fuck three times (always three times, I think I have a dorothy clacking shoes complex), and finally warning the computer that we won't be friends...at all.

Very serious business ;)

Jamie said...


That is a very new baby Aardvark. It just fit the head banging into a wall mood beautifully.

VB, I may just try your third times the charm swearing system. The problem could be that I was overdoing it. ;)

BBC said...

I won't go to it unless I'm forced to.

My computer is custom made with two hard drives, two CD drives, blah, blah.

I'm staying with Win Me for now even though a lot of folks didn't like it.

Ya just gotta learn how to tweak it and it is fine.