08 March 2007

When Things Really Click

This week's Theme: CLICK

Ansel Adams

El Capitan

Moon Over Halfdome

One of my favorite places on earth is Yosemite. When you descend into the valley there is a rest stop view point where you look down the valley to see both Half Dome and El Capitan. When you get to the bottom there is a wonderful shop where you can purchase copies of the work of a man of genius who knew how to click. We all take photographs. The click and whirr and snap to capture a forever image, but few of those looking down that valley can make these into a work of art.

Near the store is the pioneers graveyard and the Ahwahnee indian village. What must those earliest people have thought when they first came to that valley and met the local inhabitants. Today it is a place for tourists to go "click!" to take away a souvenir to prove they have seen these things as well.

Now you can go to your mouse and click on this space for a visit to the Ansel Adams Galleryfor even more of the images he created simply by knowing when to click.


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BBC said...

I haven't seen a lot of Yosemite.

But I've been in beautiful national parks all over the United States.

The key is.

To slow down.

Way down.

Feel the spirit.

When I go into the park here I walk into it.

Did you read this post of mine?

The Spiritual Park

Or this one?

The trail to the hot springs

Gattina said...

I have been there and I loved this rough and red landscape ! And the air was smelling so good !

Crazy Working Mom said...

Wow, that is so beautiful. I've never been. Thanks for such a great post. Happy Monday.

Thanks for stopping by my Manic Monday also.

Morgen said...

Hi Jamie,
Got here via the link you left at my linkie box - so it shows up & works.

I love Ansel Adams. Black & white photography can be so difficult, and he was a master.


lisa said...

Ansel Adams is a favorite of mine too! and someday I will get to Yosemite.

Heather in Beautiful BC said...

Makes me want to go to Yosemite! If I could visit by boat, I'd be there - right now :)

Sorry, can't adopt you, but thanks for "Pop's" site.

A.J.Reams said...

I love Ansel. My family and I will be going to see his work at the Detroit Institute of Art in a few weeks. His work is amazing!

Linda said...

Yosemite is one of my very favorite places in California (second to Lake Tahoe, actually!). The very first time I went there in April of 1980, it just took my breath away with the grandeur of the park. Because it was early in the season, the park wasn't clogged with tourists and we almost had it to ourselves. Words cannot describe the majesty one finds there.

When parents took a trip out to California to visit me I took them the back way into the park via Tioga Pass and it took my their breath away as they'd never seen anything like it. We spent the night on the valley floor in a cabin and took the tour the next day so we got both scenery and history. It was a great trip!

Thanks for bringing back these great memories with your post today!

Skittles said...

He has a rare and wonderful talent. A great idea for the theme :)

Pogo said...

It's hard to beat Yosemite - I went there, like linda, about 1980, fell in love with the place, then with Adams' photos of the place, then with Adams' photos of everything he took photos of. Thanks.

Lexa Roséan said...

beautiful pics of yosemite

vanillabirdies said...

The pictures are absolutely stunning