27 March 2007

A Capitol of Cat Boxes

It is really, really hard to blog when you are so angry you are foaming at the mouth. Unfortunately, this administration has me in that state at regular intervals. You expect any political party and their representatives to shade the truth a bit in their favor. There are usually two sides to every arguable issue or there wouldn't be anything to discuss.

Let's see:

The President quotes from an Iraqi blog about the improvements in the area. Read any background articles or check the links on the site and you will find recent items such as the story of the eldest member of the family of dentists being killed by U.S. soldiers. A 78 year old man was passing by and our guys killed him for being in the way. Thanks a lot George.

The President says things are getting better in Iraq and within 24 hours before another 200 Iraqis are blown up by their fellow countrymen. Thanks a lot George.

Shiite militants and police enraged by deadly truck bombings went on a shooting rampage against Sunnis in a northwestern Iraqi city today, killing as many as 70 men execution-style in the latest eruption of sectarian violence outside the capital. Baltimore Sun
A devastating series of bombings in a crowded market in a Shi'ite Muslim neighborhood of Baghdad and in a predominantly Shi'ite town north of the capital killed more than 130 Iraqis yesterday, the same day a new US envoy asserted at his swearing-in that the American mission in Iraq was not an impossible one. Boston Globe

The Irani's take British hostages because they can now that the downfall of Iraq and the American installation of a Shiite government there has made them the biggest bully on the block. Thanks a lot George.

Another member of the Texas mafia is caught being a total incompetent and liar and the person who advises him turns out to have a diploma mill graduate, taking the 5th amendment because she knows the hole she has dug for herself. Great appointments George.

How many deaths, dismemberments, and life long mental illness will it take before this "my way or the highway spoiled brat of a President is tossed on his ear so that the grownups of either his or the opposition party can start running things again.

The lies and scandals in the functions of government just keep piling up faster than they can back scratch enough to cover them with sand. Just like cat poop, they think if you can't see it, it's not there until someone steps in it. Well folks it's time to empty the sand box, because as Mattie Albright said recently, "Annihilation is not a policy".


dog's eye view said...

OK Jamie, you warned me, but I was eating! Glad you are calling for some grownups in govt too.

Are Americans such masochists (or so tuned out, or tuned in to Sanjaya, etc.) that they are willing to put up with this for another 2 years?

Pogo said...

That brings back terrible memories. I can smell the ammonia now. Smells like the WH must smell now.

Comedy + said...

Clinton was no treat either, if fact when he opened his mouth I knew he was lying. We need to get rid of both sides of the aisle and find something in the middle.

Both sides in power laugh at us (the American people) everyday, while they finger-point and get nothing done. Our government hasn't listened to the people in years (no matter which side was in power). They love it when we fight for one side or the other, while they get richer and richer. Another Boston teaparty will happen one day and then we will be back on track.

Blaming George W is not right. These folks in Iraq are fighting for power, religion, and who is better sunni or shi'ite. These are a bunch of thugs PERIOD!

Jamie said...


They were thugs who kep each other in check until the balance of power was destroyed by the unnecessary U.S. invasion. So yes, I do blame Bush. No I don't think other President's were noble never to be criticized beings, I just firmly believe that he and his administration are the worst in my lifetime and he is responsible for thousands of dead and wounded whose families will be paying for his errors in judgement for the next fifty years.