26 March 2007

Going Places

When you start in on genealogy, one of the pleasures is finding out who came from where when. On my mother's side, this will be a little hard to determine as several from that branch were among the earliest settlers to Virginia and Maryland and a few met the boat. There is one one young German man shown below that arrived just before the Civil War in time to earn a few dollars fighting in an Illinois regiment.

On my father's side, everybody went everywhere. Those Scots just seem to be adventurous types and some of those migrations are shown .

A project such as this is actually fairly easy to put together with just a little research. All of the ship pictures were on line except for the one post card we were fortunate enough to have from my great uncle on his resettlement to Africa.

The records of the 1800s to Australia and the resettlement of families from Scotland are not as easy to determine, but I hope to identify the ship that carried the Bissets there. If anyone knows drop me a line.

Stephen and Margaret White S S Algeria
Scotland to California

Adam Pfeiffer (Later Pifer) Lower left
S/S Saale, Norddeutscher Lloyd
Germany to Illinois

William White S/S Cameronia, White Star
Scotland to California

Jessie (not shown), David, William, and Robert White
S/S Letitia,
Anchor Donaldson
Scotland to California

During WWII David went to England and brought back his war bride Joyce from England to California.

The Durwards moved originally in the clearances from Highlands to lowlands and then various branches went to the England, United States, and one shown by James Durward who went from Scotland to Rhodesia, Africa

Sorry no picture of Mungo Bisset, wife and ten little Bissets who went from Scotland to Australia, but get there they did.

If you get a chance put together your own map and timeline of the events that caused the moves away from home.


Comedy + said...

I have always been impressed with folks who can do this. I tried once, but didn't quite know how, so gave up. Very interesting.

Anndi said...

Great project!

I'm of Greek and Irish heritage (among other things.. let's face it, I'm a MUTT). But I've always said, if I do this I'll actually have to take trips to the homelands and set foot on that soil...


Cat Marsters & Kate Johnson said...

Wow, you found out a lot! I get stuck because my parents' surnames are Johnson (third most common name in Britain) and McLoughlin (belonging to an illiterate drunken Irishman and therefore almost certainly misspelled).

But hey, I have a great imagination. I think I'll tell people I'm descended from Dr. Johnson...

BBC said...

I'm not interested in my roots. It's just one life to an omnipresent soul.