25 March 2007

A Nice Place To Live

If you have children or just love your home, Sunday is a must see event. On the Discovery Channel at 8:00 p.m., the eleven part series Planet Earth begins. Even if you can't watch, try to make the time to visit on line. The films and games are worth the time, and it's a great place to learn about the place where you live.

The World Wildlife Fund is gearing up for Earth Day on April 22. Check out the website for ideas about the small changes that you can make to help endangered species.

I'm off taking care of Rory who has now had me making two worried visits to the vet.


savannah said...

found you via digging deeper...and very glad i did! went back and read some of your earlier posts..thank you!

Rob said...

I'd like to see that special.

Jamie, your dog didn't eat any Eukanuba before the Vet visits I hope. I was lucky to see that mine etas Pedigree.

Jamie said...

No poison problem. Rory is my nine year old cat and king of the household. He seems to have picked up something that is causing his throat to swell, giving him a horrid cough and making it hard to eat. He seems to be resting better today which is making us less worried.

Rob said...

I'm glad Jamie. I have heard sad stories thats why I asked, so that good.