11 May 2007

Catalina Burning

I found my love in Avalon beside the bay
I left my love in Avalon and sailed away
I dream of her and Avalon from dusk 'til dawn
And so I think I'll travel on to Avalon

Many Californians are very, very upset this morning with the news that Catalina Island is burning. For most people it is a day stop on a weekend cruise or the subject of a song with the wrong mileage. Even tourists who have been to California many times have not made the trip while the year round and summer residents are few since that requires access by your own boat or commercial boat or seaplane.

Many natives have never been there. It just exists somewhere off the coast. For those who have been it is a integral part of the history of California and a bit of mystique from which they will never recover ... their own private tropical isle

So we will be watching very closely in hopes the magic will be saved. Do try to take the time to read the history of the island in the link above.

Here is some additional fun information about Catalina Organ and buffalo


Brian said...

Killroy was here.

Jamie said...

thank you for stopping by :-)

Travis said...

I read about the fire today. I'm one of those who lived in So Cal for 8 years and never made it out to the island.

Steven said...

This is one of the last places I visited before moving to NYC. I'm SO sad to hear it's burning yet. But, fortunately, the people have been allowed back.

Kendra said...

i've lived in southern cali for 3 years now and have visited 2 times. both were to the town of avalon, which is the main tourist area. avalon's such a cute and quaint little town with little beach cottages. i'm so glad they have mostly contained the fire now.